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Who We Are

Leila Anderson, LMFT-S, LCDC

Executive Clinical Director Leila Anderson, LMFT-S, LCDC

What is your role at Ava Recovery? What does that look like day to day?

I’m the Executive Clinical Director, which functionally means I do some of everything – training staff, leading groups, therapy sessions with clients, auditing and ensuring quality control, and occasionally building furniture or sheds.


What is your background?

I was raised in Uganda, came to the U.S. for college, and have worked in the mental health field for around 10 years. I had jobs in sliding scale clinics, the criminal justice system, and psychiatric facilities before I started working in residential dual diagnosis treatment nearly 5 years ago.


Why do you love working at Ava Recovery?

Ava is special because we have an incredibly strong, passionate team of people who truly work together to support each other and the clients we serve. I’ve seen such beautiful outcomes in clients because of the respect and compassion they experience here. I think Ava really exemplifies the potential for healing community.


Why do you love working in this industry?

I love working in an industry that tries to get down to the underlying causes of what keeps people struggling and then offers them solutions that they can act on. I’ve experienced so much cooperation and goodwill from other treatment professionals – there’s really a sense that we’re all in this together.


What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

I’m really passionate about understanding people and what they really need to feel safe enough to move out of the comfort of being stuck. Professionally, I have no greater joy than seeing someone take those steps they’ve been scared to take for a long time. Personally, I’m passionate about my spouse and kids, gardening, reading, good coffee, building things, hiking, and 70 degree weather.

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