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Trauma Treatment in Austin, Texas

Trauma Treatment

What Is Trauma?

Trauma is characterized by the response to a deeply stressful event that can be challenging to cope with. 

It leaves the traumatized feeling helpless, insecure, upset, and generally not feeling well. In some cases, when the trauma is significant enough, it may persist for extended periods.


The Signs and Symptoms of Trauma

Emotional and psychological signs and symptoms – 

  • Sensation of numbness
  • Feelings of sadness, depression, or hopelessness
  • Anxiety or fear
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Experiencing shock, denial, or disbelief
  • Engaging in self-blame
  • Feelings of shame
  • Anger and moodiness

Physical signs and symptoms – 

  •  Muscular discomfort
  • Increased irritability or restlessness
  • Sleep disturbances
  • Persistent tiredness
  • Challenges with focus and attention
  • Elevated heart rate

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Treatment for Trauma and Addiction

While trauma is increasingly being recognized as a serious mental disorder in society, there are still numerous negative myths and stereotypes that persist. 

For example, some individuals mistakenly perceive trauma as something that can be easily moved on from, without fully acknowledging its complex nature and the formidable obstacles it presents.

Although these misconceptions may be well-intended, it is important to understand their potential hazards. Ignoring or attempting to overcome trauma symptoms independently can lead to unhealthy coping mechanisms. 

It’s common for individuals who have experienced trauma to turn to substance abuse as a means of coping. 

Consequently, a significant proportion of those struggling with mental health disorders also face co-occurring substance abuse disorders, commonly referred to as dual-diagnosis.

The terms dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders are almost interchangeable. When a patient has two mental health disorders and a substance abuse disorder together, it’s called a dual diagnosis. 

Healing becomes challenging as both disorders exacerbate each other, making it difficult for patients to recover fully.

If you or someone you love is struggling with trauma-related dual diagnosis, it’s crucial to seek treatment at a reputable trauma recovery facility. Remember, you’re not alone in this journey.

Ava Recovery’s Austin trauma therapy is here to help.

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Our Trauma Treatment in Austin

Trauma can have a profound and lasting impact on individuals, affecting their mental, and emotional, Taking care of your physical well-being is crucial, especially when it comes to addressing and healing from trauma. 

Effective treatment involves providing support in a therapeutic environment, where you can explore your emotions and experiences safely.

To ensure the best care, consult with licensed therapists and certified medical professionals who specialize in trauma and post-traumatic stress. They are trained to provide trauma-informed care and create a welcoming space for you.

Treatment for trauma often includes evidence-based therapies like Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), and exposure therapy. 

These approaches help process traumatic memories, challenge negative beliefs, and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

Remember, you’re not alone in this journey toward healing.

Along with therapy, trauma treatment may involve medication when needed. Medications can help manage symptoms of anxiety, depression, or other conditions commonly associated with trauma.

Comprehensive trauma treatment also addresses co-occurring disorders, substance abuse, and self-destructive behaviors that might have developed as coping mechanisms.

Engaging in therapeutic sessions with our team of licensed professionals and dedicated substance abuse counselors can greatly assist individuals in understanding and effectively managing these issues.

At Ava Recovery, our addiction treatment center in Texas is committed to providing holistic care for trauma survivors. We offer exceptional medical resources and unwavering support to address the various aspects of trauma, facilitating healing and recovery.

By working closely with our compassionate and highly skilled medical experts, individuals can develop resilience and coping skills to successfully navigate the challenges stemming from trauma.

Our Texas drug rehab offers trauma treatment with a comprehensive and individualized approach to help individuals regain control of their lives.

By addressing trauma and its effects, individuals can achieve personal growth, resilience, and an improved quality of life. We’re here to support you every step of the way!

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