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Luxury Drug Rehab in Austin, Texas

We believe that recovery is possible for all who seek it. At Ava Recovery, we offer a world-class experience at our evidence-based, drug & alcohol rehab facility in Austin, Texas. Don’t wait another day, get in touch.

Ava Recovery's Addiction Treatment Philosophy

We are with you from beginning to end. We know there is no one-size-fits-all approach to addiction treatment. From detox to inpatient treatment, we provide a truly individualized experience for each client to provide a path to long-term sustainable recovery from drugs and alcohol. Whether you come to our facility or not, we will help you find the best treatment options that fit YOUR needs when seeking help for substance abuse.

Freedom From Addiction...

Treatment That Works for You.

Master Clinicians &
Licensed Therapists

Specializing in
Dual Diagnosis

12 Step & Non-12
Step Approaches

Daily Nursing Staff

One-to-One Staff
to Client Ratio

Medication Assisted
Therapy Available

Trauma-Focused Addiction Treatment in Austin

We understand that many times there are underlying traumas that often times lead to addiction. Here at Ava Recovery we take a trauma-informed approach to addiction treatment in Texas. We get to know each client and their unique, individual situations. Learn more about our expert drug & alcohol treatment program in Austin, Texas right now and discover how we can help you or a loved one in finding long-term, sustainable recovery from substance abuse today.

Learn more about our expert, medical drug & alcohol detox in Austin, Texas at Ava Recovery.

Discover how our residential inpatient treatment program in Austin can help you recover.
We take a trauma-informed approach to dual-diagnosis treatment at Ava Recovery.

Evidence-Based Care in Austin, Texas

Making the decision to get help for substance abuse can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Here at Ava Recovery, a drug & alcohol rehab in Austin, we are dedicated to building a relationship with each person who contacts us seeking recovery from drugs and alcohol. We will work with you and your loved ones to ensure a truly personalized experience that fits your individual needs.

See How Our
Treatment Programs
Improved Mental Health

Depression Down
Anxiety Down
Cravings Down
Stress Down
Spiritual Practices Up
Optimism Up
Quality of Life Up

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We Treat the Individual, Not the Disease.

We understand that no two clients are alike. The recovery process begins by understanding the root cause of your addiction. From past trauma to circumstance and ingrained habits, there are a number of issues that lead to substance abuse. Ava Recovery gets to know you and your specific needs in order to provide you with a clear path to long-term recovery once and for all.

Why Our Austin Drug Rehab Is Your Best Choice

Our groundbreaking drug and alcohol treatment center is located in Buda, Texas, just outside the metro Austin area and offers a three-pronged approach to treatment: detoxification, recovery and mental health healing.
Our dynamic approach allows each client a unique, individually-tailored treatment experience. From the first time you contact Ava Recovery, we dive into your history to learn what underlying causes have contributed to your addiction and hand-craft treatment plans that meet YOUR needs.

Our multidisciplinary approach takes holistic, traditional and evidence-based therapies and applies them to each clients unique needs. From yoga sessions and sound healing, to personal training and ice baths, we go beyond the typical treatment process to provide a real path to mental, physical and spiritual recovery.

Located just outside metro Austin, in Buda, Texas, we offer you a luxury environment that encourages healing and rejuvenation. Our secluded property provides you with a safe and comfortable, world-class setting where you can focus on your recovery. Explore our modern, luxury rehab in Austin and take a virtual tour right now.

We offer free consultations to anyone who reaches out for help. Did you know most major insurance carriers will cover the costs associated with treatment? Contact our trusted treatment team today to discuss your personal options for treatment. We will help you find the best treatment that fits your personal needs, regardless if you come to Ava Recovery or not.

Ava Recovery is proud to offer a variety of treatment options to provide you with a treatment plan that fits your needs. From detox to residential inpatient, we’re with you each step of the way. Learn more about how we can help right now.

A Boutique Environment

Luxury Treatment in Texas.

Our modern facility provides an environment where recovery thrives. While our facility offers a luxury setting, it is available to anyone who seeks recovery. Our semi-private and private rooms provide clients with a personal escape where they can process their past and head into the future with a clear mind. Our world-class amenities aim to provide you with comfort and serenity, so you can focus on the thing that matters most: your recovery.
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Your Path to Lasting Recovery Begins Here.

Ava Recovery is an exceptional treatment center located in Austin, Texas where you will experience a safe & comfortable environment that sets the foundation for your path to healing. Throughout your stay at our Austin treatment center, we aim to provide you with the highest quality of care available and a truly individualized experience. From our expert staff to our world-class amenities, Ava Recovery offers you a path to recovery and healing made for YOU. Our unique, individualized approach allows each client to experience healing and develop the tools to find lifelong recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

We Believe in You.

When you or a loved one makes a commitment to go to treatment, the feelings can be overwhelming for the individual and family. At Ava Recovery, we are committed to building a relationship with you as soon as we make contact. We work hard to build a treatment case that is measurable and can be attained.

Modern Drug Rehab in Austin at Ava Recovery

By taking a holistic approach to addiction treatment, we provide you with health and positive ways to deal with the stress of everyday life. The tools you learn will provide a solid foundation for recovery and improve your mental, physical and spiritual health. Our goal for each client is to not only help them recover, but also to help them change their lives for the better.

If I could give them a 6 out of 5 star review, I most certainly would. The staff was wonderful and made sure that every client was welcomed and genuinely cared for. Between the 1 on 1’s with counselors, the meditations and the absolutely amazing chef.. I really couldn’t ask for more from a treatment center. In my book, Ava recovery gets a perfect review, hands down. They also did a great job of making sure you didn’t feel institutionalized when you leave, where as in my past experiences, other treatment centers are the opposite. I’m going to miss everyone there and I really cannot thank them enough!

Nick H.

I can't say enough positive things about Ava Recovery Center. Ava is a luxury treatment center that helps provide addicts and alcoholics the tools they need to navigate a life of Recovery. My family member recently completed a 30 day stay and they miss it already. From equine therapy to the warmest and most welcoming staff members, I would suggest looking no further than this facility for you or your loved one's healing journey.

Michelle S.

Having worked with many of the staff in the past, I know that Ava offers high quality care that is filled with data driven lessons, compassion, and experience in the substance abuse field that will lead to a higher chance of you or your loved one finding recovery. Leila is an incredibly hard worker and excellent leader who is driven to provide and high level of care.

Scott H.

This place is incredible! For years I have helped my brother with sobriety. I have seen him in and out of many rehabs. Not this one!! He thrived, healed, and worked through the hard stuff, thanks to Ava creating a safe space for him to do this deep work. I am forever grateful!

Rozlyn Z.

I’ve been to 13 different treatment centers over The course about 15 years. I've tried everything to get sober. I tried religion, psychiatry, methadone clinics, you name it... After being at Ava Recovery for 30 days, I learned more than the entire 15 years combined. Their unique therapy model (which blends the 12 steps with DBT & IFS) coupled with their top-of-the-line staff made it a truly extraordinary experience. I would strongly recommend Ava Recovery to other recovering addicts - especially chronic relapsers.

Ben R.

I just finished my 30 days at Ava and my only complaint is that I’m already missing everybody there! They are all wonderful and finally, after 30 plus years of drug use, they gave me the strength and the tools to quit and I know in my heart that it’s for good this time!! I highly recommend Ava and promise, if you really want to quit, there’s no better place to go!!

Jill M.

Help For Myself

If you are struggling personally with substance abuse and/or mental health issues, Ava Recovery is here to help. Our 24/7 admissions team is standing by day or night to help you begin your journey.


Is your loved-one struggling with substance abuse and/or mental health issues? Let our trusted admissions team help you get your loved-one the help they need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We Accept Most Major Insurance

The Ava Recovery admissions team works 24/7 to ensure that we can help as many people struggling with substance abuse as we can. Verify your benefits now and we’ll get back to you right away.

Re-Discover Your Passion for Life.

Our luxury drug & alcohol rehab in Austin, Texas offers you the chance to escape the chains of addiction and find freedom in recovery based on your unique, individual needs. From semi-private rooms to gourmet meals, you will have a life-changing experience from the moment you enter our Austin treatment center.

We Are Here For You.

Our team at our drug rehab in Austin is dedicated to your well-being. We offer hope to those who are feeling lost in their lives and empower individuals with the tools to build a life of their dreams.

The Healing You Deserve...

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The Ava Recovery Promise.

We help anyone who contacts us seeking treatment in finding the program that best fits YOUR individual needs - whether thats one of our programs or not. We believe that recovery is always possible. Contact our caring admissions team day or night to learn more about how you can get the help you need, no matter what your situation is.

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Our caring and compassionate admissions advisors are standing by waiting to help you begin your individual journey towards sustainable recovery at our drug rehab in Austin, TX. Contact us day or night.
We believe that recovery is possible for all who seek it. At Ava Recovery, we offer a world-class experience at our evidence-based, drug & alcohol rehab in Austin, Texas. We identify and treat the root causes of drug & alcohol abuse utilizing trauma-informed, traditional, and modern treatment methods.

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Ava Recovery is here to help you discover your own individual path to long-term recovery. Contact our caring admissions team right now by calling us or texting with our team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.