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Depression Treatment in Austin, Texas

Depression Treatment

Depression Treatment in Austin

Helping someone with drug addiction is no walk in the park. Add in depression, and the challenge becomes even more daunting. 

But, there’s good news! 

There is a solution available through holistic treatment and dual diagnosis offered by Ava Recovery—a professional treatment center based in Austin. At Ava, we specialize in treating addiction and co-occurring disorders like depression. 

If you’re on the lookout for help with your depression and addiction or ways to support your loved ones, you’ve come to the right place.

Our depression therapy in Austin was designed to help you with co-occurring addiction and depression struggles. Start by calling our hotline at (833) 330-3009.

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What is Depression?

Depression is a medical condition characterized by extended periods of sadness and negative emotions. Dealing with depression can be tough, as it brings the patient down along with negative emotions, thoughts, and behaviors. In the most severe cases, finding the will to go on can be difficult which can lead to patients taking their own lives. 

The medical condition can be influenced by various factors, such as life events or imbalances in brain chemistry due to substance abuse.

Symptoms of Depression

Common symptoms of depression include:


  • Persistent sad or anxious mood
  • Hopelessness and pessimism
  • Irritability, frustration, and/or restlessness
  • Loss of interest, pleasure, and willfulness
  • Lower energy levels
  • Troubled sleeping patterns
  • Changes in appetite
  • Pains, headaches, and cramps that are not eased with treatment
  • Thoughts and attempts to take one’s own life

Learn more about our expert, medical drug & alcohol detox in Austin, Texas at Ava Recovery.

Discover how our residential inpatient treatment program in Austin can help you recover.
We take a trauma-informed approach to dual-diagnosis treatment at Ava Recovery.

Depression and Substance Abuse: The Link

Depression and addiction are intricately connected, even more, than we might realize. Those grappling with substance abuse often experience depression as a result of depleted dopamine levels and impaired brain functions.

But the condition can go both ways as depression can also be a driving force behind drug use. In fact, Data reveals that people with depression are twice as likely to self-medicate with alcohol compared to drugs

Those afflicted by depression may turn to self-medication, resorting to substances like ketamine, cocaine, marijuana, or alcohol to seek temporary relief. These behaviors can eventually lead to addiction. 

There are many reasons why people self-medicate, including:

  • Lack of trust in conventional medicine
  • Lack of access to medical care
  • Fear of approaching a doctor
  • Misguided beliefs

What’s even more challenging is that both conditions can amplify each other and become a discouraging cycle. Individuals struggling with depression may turn to drugs or alcohol to alleviate their emotions, but unfortunately, substances can worsen the situation.

Are these symptoms familiar to you?

 If so, you may be suffering from co-occurring disorders or depression. 

You must contact us immediately by calling our depression hotline at (833) 330-3009. Ava Recovery’s depression therapy in Austin is ready to help.

Begin Your Journey Towards Healing.

Located just outside metro Austin, in Buda, Texas, we offer you a luxury environment that encourages healing and rejuvenation. Our secluded property provides you with a safe and comfortable, world-class setting where you can focus on your recovery.

We offer free consultations to anyone who reaches out for help. Did you know most major insurance carriers will cover the costs associated with treatment? Contact our trusted treatment team today to discuss your personal options for treatment.

Ava Recovery is proud to offer a variety of treatment options to provide you with a treatment plan that fits your needs. From detox to residential inpatient to aftercare and beyond, we’re with you each step of the way. Learn more about how we can help right now.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Even with professional support, recovering from a dual diagnosis can be challenging. As both conditions exacerbate each other, parallel treatment is necessary to ensure full recovery for patients. 

Patients with a dual diagnosis may also face unique difficulties in comparison to addicts without a co-occurring disorder. Our dual diagnosis treatment center in Austin can help you.

Those include:

  • Have severe symptoms of depression
  • Relapse over and over again
  • Have a lower quality of life
  • Attempt to take their own life

According to a study, addicts with depression attempted suicide at the following rates:

  • Twice as high as they were for addicts who developed alcoholism before depression
  • Three times as high as they are for people who only developed depression
  • Nine times as high as those who only developed an alcohol use disorder

Suicide is the most troubling co-occurrence risk and must be taken seriously.

Signs of Drug Addiction and Depression

Some of the signs of drug addiction and depression include::

  • Not participating in social activities
  • Neglecting hygiene
  • Having mood swings or emotional outbursts
  • Showing signs of anxiety or a frenzy
  • Changes in sleep patterns or appetite
  • Expressing feelings of hopelessness or helplessness
  • Attempting to take their own lives

We Are Dedicated to Your Healing.

When you or a loved one makes a commitment to go to treatment, the feelings can be overwhelming for the individual and family. At Ava Recovery, we are committed to building a relationship with you as soon as we make contact. We work hard to build a treatment case that is measurable and can be attained.

We Accept Most Major Insurance

The Ava Recovery admissions team works 24/7 to ensure that we can help as many people struggling with substance abuse as we can. Verify your benefits now and we’ll get back to you right away.

Depression Treatment in Austin

Depression can manifest in various forms, such as major depressive disorder, persistent depressive disorder, and seasonal affective disorder. To overcome depression, it’s important to identify the specific subtype you or your loved ones are suffering from.

Getting proper medical care is key in treating depression. This involves consulting licensed therapists and certified medical professionals specializing in mental health. 

They will assess, diagnose, and determine the origins, triggers, and coping mechanisms for your depression. Medical professionals can also consider the use of medication to alleviate symptoms, if necessary, taking into account any co-occurring conditions.

Comprehensive treatment for depression goes beyond just addressing the depression itself. It also tackles co-occurring disorders and substance abuse problems. 

By engaging in therapeutic sessions with licensed professionals and substance abuse counselors, individuals with substance abuse issues can understand the underlying causes of addiction and develop healthier coping mechanisms.

At our Austin drug rehab, our goal is to provide holistic care for patients seeking depression treatment. Our facility in Austin offers exceptional medical care that addresses all relevant conditions, empowering patients with a deeper understanding of their depression and an improved quality of life. 

Working alongside skilled medical experts, individuals can learn effective coping strategies to proactively manage their depression symptoms and overcome challenges.

At our drug rehab in Texas, you can expect comprehensive medical resources and unwavering support to treat all underlying causes and related disorders in a friendly and empathetic environment.

Treating all co-occurring conditions offers individuals the best chance at recovery. This is particularly important for those who experience depression alongside substance abuse. 

Are you ready to receive the treatment you deserve?

Contact Ava Recovery depression therapy in Austin by calling our hotline at (833) 330-3009 and ask to speak to one of our admission counselors.

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