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How We Treat Addiction

Addiction Therapies

Addiction Treatment in the Heart of Texas

The process of overcoming an addiction is a significant undertaking. You need to address the underlying roots of your substance abuse head-on, and you need to get the tools and support you need to achieve and maintain sobriety.
Of all the programs and services offered in a drug treatment program, addiction therapy is arguably the most important. Therapy allows you to dig deep and uncover the roots of your addiction. Once identified, you will learn coping strategies that will help you deal with the triggers and stressors that lead you to use drugs and alcohol and minimize the risk of relapse.

In the course of this article, you will learn more about what addiction therapies are and how they benefit your recovery. You will also learn how your mental health and addiction are intertwined. Most importantly, you will learn more about substance abuse therapy in Austin and the therapies offered at our treatment facility. If you or a loved one are in need of substance abuse treatment, call Ava Recovery toll-free today at (833) 330-3009 and learn more about the tremendous benefits of addiction therapies.

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What Exactly Are Addiction Therapies?

Addiction therapies involve treating mental health and behavioral issues that keep people stuck in addiction and other problematic behaviors. Therapy is a collaboration between an experienced and trained therapist and a client in a safe and non-judgmental environment. The factors that additional therapy in Austin address include identifying and coping with stressors, talking openly about the thoughts and behaviors contributing to addiction, and lifestyle factors, among other factors.

There are several major benefits that substance abuse therapy Austin provides:

Creating New Perspectives

Addiction therapies help clients identify the thoughts and behaviors that keep clients stuck in their drug addiction. Once identified, the addiction therapist will help the client change those harmful thoughts and behaviors and transform the way they think and feel.

Create New Coping Strategies

Addiction therapy helps people develop positive coping strategies by helping them to understand the stressors and triggers that make them vulnerable to drug and alcohol use. These new and healthy coping strategies will help them resist these triggers and stressors when they arise in their daily lives.

Provide Support

For those addicted to drugs and alcohol, they often feel lonely and isolated from others. The addict may have deep feelings that no one cares about their situation. Addiction therapy allows addicts to connect on a deeper level with their therapist or peer group.

Relapse Prevention

At Ava Recovery, we believe that recovery from substance abuse is a lifelong pursuit. While completing a residential drug treatment program is a major accomplishment, it does not mean that your recovery is done. In reality, the real work in recovery begins once you leave treatment. In order to give you the added tools and confidence you need to maintain your hard-earned sobriety, we offer effective aftercare programs.


The aftercare programs at our substance abuse treatment facility in Austin feature individual, group, and family therapy, educational workshops, medication management, 12-step group support, and access to vital community resources that will build the life and coping skills you need to maintain recovery.

Repair & Create Healthy Relationships

Drug abuse often causes great harm to the addict and their family. In some cases, addiction can even destroy the relationship between the addict and those they love. In an addiction therapy session, counselors can offer the advice necessary to heal dysfunctional or broken relationships. Additionally, counselors can provide valuable advice on how to create new relationships in recovery that are healthy and meaningful.

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What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

How Mental Health & Addiction are Inrtertwined

For people who are addicted to drugs and alcohol, the use of substances is often a symptom of a deeper mental or psychological issue. For those who struggle with a mental health issue and an addiction, they have what is commonly known as dual diagnosis. It is estimated that 45 percent of Americans have a dual diagnosis. It is also estimated that 1 in every 4 Americans will experience an episode of mental illness in their lifetime. Additionally, 23 percent of young adults in the United States have a dual diagnosis.


This condition can be difficult to treat because mental health and substance abuse are often intertwined, and it is difficult to know which condition occurred first. There are a couple of possible explanations on how mental health and addiction intertwine. The first explanation is that people who already have a mental illness (diagnosed and undiagnosed) turn to substances as a means of self-medication. While self-medication provides temporary relief, they are not addressing the underlying issues of their mental illness with professional help. As a result, their mental illness worsens, and they can develop a substance abuse problem.

Secondly, chronic drug abuse can exacerbate the symptoms of a mental illness that may be present but not fully developed. Also, chronic drug use can cause people to experience symptoms of another mental illness in addition to the one they may currently experience. This can occur because of genetics, brain injury, a defect that occurred during birth, or environmental factors.

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Substance Abuse Therapy in Austin, TX at Ava Recovery

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In your search for a drug treatment facility that best fits your needs, quality addiction therapy services are an absolute must. While many rehabs offer therapy, Ava Recovery features a wide spectrum of therapies that are evidence-based, are extensively tested, and individualized to meet your specific needs. You are unique in your addiction history, and our wide spectrum of therapy modalities can be combined to thoroughly address the underlying root causes of your substance abuse.

Our therapy services mix traditional therapies with new and innovative holistic therapies to provide you with the highest quality of service. These therapies are done on a one-on-one basis as well as in group and family settings. We offer tried and true traditional therapies such as psychotherapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, motivational interviewing, and person-centered therapies. These therapies help you recognize the thoughts and behaviors that keep you stuck in the vicious cycle of addiction. An experienced addiction therapist Austin will help you create the healthy coping skills you need to deal with stressors in a positive manner.

We also offer excellent therapy options such as family integration therapy which each family member recognizes the life events that turn healthy behaviors into addictive behaviors. We also provide our dynamic Positive Psychology therapy where an addiction therapist Austin helps you identify your strengths and behaviors that can help you grow and flourish. To help work through past trauma, we offer trauma-centered therapy and Inner Childhood Psychology Work. To help heal your whole self in body, mind, and soul, Ava Recovery offers exciting holistic therapies such as art therapy, reiki, guided meditations, and sound therapy.

The broad spectrum of therapy services and programs will give you the tools and support you need to break the vicious cycle of drug addiction once and for all. Most importantly, our substance abuse therapies Austin are dynamic in design. As your needs change in treatment, our experienced addiction therapists will find the right combination of therapies to help you reach your fullest potential.

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Recovery is much more than just quitting substances. Lasting recovery requires you to face and address the past trauma, behaviors, and attitudes that have kept you stuck in addiction. If you are looking for the best quality substance abuse therapy in Austin, call Ava Recovery right now. We are committed to offering the very best in addiction therapies that will change the way you feel about yourself. With the help of our experienced therapy team, you will become empowered and inspired to overcome your addiction and become the fully happy and healthy person you deserve to become.


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