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Drug Rehab in Waco


Introduction to Our Alcohol Rehab in Waco, TX

Ava Recovery is a luxury rehab located in Texas that offers a wide range of treatment programs for substance abuse patients and those suffering from dual diagnosis.

Our comprehensive programs encompass detox, therapy, and aftercare, which help our patients equip themselves with valuable skills that will allow them to maintain their recovery long after they leave our facility. 


Texas and Mexico share over 1,200 miles of common border and 28 international bridges and border crossings.


Unfortunately, that has turned drug trafficking into a prevalent concern. Consequently, addiction has become a significant issue in this area as well with drugs like Fentanyl leading the way and meth being labeled as a top threat to the state of Texas by the DEA.


The gravity of it highlights the urgent need to address and combat drug and alcohol addiction in the state of Texas and the city of Waco. 


Fortunately, there are numerous addiction treatment options available in Waco, Texas.


At Ava Recovery, we provide an exceptional luxury drug rehab experience tailored to meet individual needs. 

Our premier rehab facility in Waco offers a tranquil environment akin to a resort, ensuring that individuals receive the highest quality treatment to embark on their journey toward lifelong recovery.


If you are ready to transform your life and take the first step toward recovery, we encourage you to contact our drug rehab in Texas today. Our dedicated team can provide detailed information about our treatment approach, as well as the luxurious amenities available at our Waco drug rehab.

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Why Choose
Ava Recovery?

Our drug and alcohol rehab in Waco offers unique benefits. Ava Recovery is on a large plot of land surrounded by nature. This healing environment provides the perfect place to recovery. At Ava Recovery, you will participate in horse-back riding, climbing, hiking, swimming, and more alongside daily therapy.

From the presence of compassionate and innovative individuals to the warm community spirit, Waco rehab facilities provide comprehensive medical care. This sets the stage for lasting recovery and a future filled with hope and fulfillment. 

If you’re ready to kickstart your recovery, then our luxury alcohol and drug rehab in Waco is the place for you. Our luxury facilities will ensure you or your loved ones have a pleasant recovery that can help ease the discomforts that come along with it.

Contact us today and call (833) 330-3009 to speak to one of our admission professionals. What are you waiting for?

State-of-the-Art Medical Facilities

Ava Recovery features state-of-the-art medical facilities that you can depend on. Our facilities are equipped with 24/7 nursing staff, experts in the field, and medical resources to ensure you are both safe and comfortable during your stay.


From the time you first enter our facility to the time you get involved in our aftercare planning opportunities, you will have access to these state-of-the-art medical facilities. As a result, you can trust that you are getting top medical care that begins your life if recovery on the right foot.

Expert Staff

A rehab facility is only as strong as their staff members. At Ava Recovery, our facility is backed with expert staff that help you through every step in the recovery process. Every individual in our facility understands what you are going through and is there to help you.


All of our medical staff are experts in the field and know exactly how to help you overcome your struggles. At the same time, our medical staff are also empathetic, understanding, and respectful so you can truly heal and create a bond with the staff.


Furthermore, our team members are there to keep you motivated and excited about your future journeys. Whether you just need a friend to talk to or need expert medical opinion, our team is there to help you through it all. 

Holistic Care

Although science-backed approaches are at the center of our facility, Ava Recovery also offers holistic care that can help you heal your mind, body, and soul. We achieve holistic care by offering a variety of alternative therapies that are used in conjunction with our medical approaches.


Our holistic care includes opportunities like nutritious meal planning, exercise, yoga, mindfulness, and even equine therapy. Through our holistic care, you can heal your entire body while receiving treatment for your addiction.

Luxurious Amenities and Facilities

At Ava Recovery, you will receive the medical treatment you need while staying at a spa-like, luxurious facility. Our facility is backed with luxurious amenities, such as comfy beds, hangout rooms, outside space, and exercise facilities. These luxurious facilities make you feel like you are at a resort, not a treatment facility. As such, you can fully unwind and relax to focus on the healing you need.

Learn more about our expert, medical drug & alcohol detox in Austin, Texas at Ava Recovery.

Discover how our residential inpatient treatment program in Austin can help you recover.
We take a trauma-informed approach to dual-diagnosis treatment at Ava Recovery.

Your Path to Lasting Recovery Begins Here.

What to Look For in an Alcohol Rehab in Waco, TX

Getting sober is not easy, but finding a dual diagnosis treatment center in Texas that matches your needs and provides you or your loved ones with the treatment you deserve doesn’t have to be.


Selecting a facility that encompasses exceptional medical expertise, comprehensive treatment programs, competent staff, and well-equipped amenities is a good way to ensure the highest quality of treatment and care.


Medical Expertise

The cornerstone of any reputable treatment facility lies in its medical expertise. Prioritize a facility that hosts an array of medical resources. 


Those include round-the-clock nursing staff, proficient physicians, and comprehensive medical support. These vital components will pave the way for an optimal healing process.

What Types of Therapy Are Used in Drug Rehab?

Treatment Programs

When evaluating a facility’s medical expertise, it is imperative to thoroughly assess its individual treatment programs. Drug rehab centers in the vicinity of Waco offer a wide range of programs tailored to various needs. Carefully selecting a facility that provides programs suitable for your specific circumstances is crucial.


In addition to common treatment programs like medical detox, inpatient and outpatient treatment, dual diagnosis treatment, and aftercare planning, consider seeking specialized treatment programs that cater to unique situations. 


For example, programs designed for women or those dealing with trauma.


This focus on individualized treatment ensures you or your loved ones will gain the skills necessary to embark on the path to a better life.

Close-up of a devastated young man holding his head in his hands and friends supporting him during group therapy


The staff members are the backbone of any treatment facility, responsible for delivering top-notch medical care while offering unwavering support during challenging times. 


Therefore, it is essential to choose a Waco rehab facility that employs empathetic and understanding experts who possess extensive knowledge in their respective fields.

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Whether you opt for a 30-day drug rehab program or outpatient treatment near Waco, it is crucial to carefully evaluate the facility and its amenities. These facilities provide opportunities for engaging in sober activities and nurturing personal growth from within.


Consider selecting facilities that exude a luxurious ambiance, akin to a resort, as they offer an optimal environment for healing and relaxation throughout the treatment process. Such well-appointed facilities create an atmosphere conducive to unwinding and wholeheartedly focusing on your journey toward recovery.

By choosing our Waco drug rehab, you will be giving yourself or those you love another chance at long-term recovery without the need to keep coming back relapse after relapse. But first, you must pick up the phone and call.


Contact us today at (833) 330-3009.

Located just outside metro Austin, in Buda, Texas, we offer you a luxury environment that encourages healing and rejuvenation. Our secluded property provides you with a safe and comfortable, world-class setting where you can focus on your recovery.

We offer free consultations to anyone who reaches out for help. Did you know most major insurance carriers will cover the costs associated with treatment? Contact our trusted treatment team today to discuss your personal options for treatment.

Ava Recovery is proud to offer a variety of treatment options to provide you with a treatment plan that fits your needs. From detox to residential inpatient to aftercare and beyond, we’re with you each step of the way. Learn more about how we can help right now.

We are Dedicated to Your Healing.

When you or a loved one makes a commitment to go to treatment, the feelings can be overwhelming for the individual and family. At Ava Recovery - Drug & Alcohol Rehab in Austin, Texas, we are committed to building a relationship with you as soon as we make contact. We work hard to build a treatment case that is measurable and can be attained.

We Accept Most Major Insurance

The Ava Recovery admissions team works 24/7 to ensure that we can help as many people struggling with substance abuse as we can. Verify your benefits now and we’ll get back to you right away.

Our Waco Drug & Alcohol Treatment Center is Here to Help You Recover.

Our alcohol and drug rehab in Austin checks all of the excellence boxes. It provides its patients not only with a luxurious and welcoming environment but also with professional staff and a rock-solid program that can help you and those you love get the help you need to develop long-lasting recovery.

Are you ready? Sobriety is waiting. Contact us today by calling (833) 330-3009.

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We help anyone who contacts us seeking treatment in finding the program that best fits YOUR individual needs - whether thats one of our programs or not. We believe that recovery is always possible. Contact our caring admissions team day or night to learn more about how you can get the help you need, no matter what your situation is.

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