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Horacio Ribe

Culinary Director Horacio Ribe

What is your role at Ava Recovery? What does that look like day to day?

My position is as culinary director, my duties are to cook two meals a day (Lunch / Dinner) and provide Ava for all the snacks, and nutritional needs to satisfy clients requirements. I come early and clean up after breakfast, organize the kitchen and utensils they used during the morning and i immediately start prepping for the day. I cook homemade / from scratch food every day.


What is your background?

I’m from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Worked in customer service for 15+ years. Went to law school, culinary school and started international commerce before moving to the US. Been in the food industry for the last 7 years between working in kitchens, being a bar manager in argentina and doing my own business as a private chef.


Why do you love working at Ava Recovery?

What I love the most about working at Ava Recovery is doing two of the things I enjoy the most, cooking and meeting people and in a small part being part of their recovery journey.


Why do you love working in this industry?

Feel that I’m being helpful in making an impact in people’s lives.


What are you most passionate about professionally? Personally?

Professionally I’m passionate about details and growing my skills in the food service industry. Personally I’m passionate about helping others in wellness, and sharing my knowledge about all the different sports and activities I practiced during my life that helped me go through very hard times: Running, training for a half marathon, full marathon, triathlon challenges. I lost over 100 pounds through my wellness journey and connecting with healthy communities gave me tools to help other ones struggling.

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