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How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab

How to Convince Someone to Go to Rehab

For most people, addiction is too strong to overcome on their own, which is why helping our loved ones get the help they need is crucial. 

The process of getting an addict into rehab may seem difficult, but it is certainly not impossible.

So how do you convince an addict to get help?

You don’t need to worry about how to help your loved one go to rehab because, in this article, we’ll offer some suggestions to help.

Education Will Set You Free

If you are wondering how to convince an addict to get help then you must be really concerned. But one of the best ways to do so is with education.

Almost all 12-step programs agree on one thing: the first and most important step to getting sober is accepting that you have a problem. Unfortunately, addicts are not known for being compliant.

It may not entirely be the responsibility of addicts to refuse to acknowledge their addiction. An addict’s brain is tricked into believing anything that will motivate him or her to take the next dose. The act of accepting one shortcoming isn’t easy either, even for those without a substance abuse problem.

By educating our loved ones about the dangers of drugs, we can overcome stubbornness and get them into rehab.

A great way to start is by asking the addict a few simple questions.

  • Are they aware of the negative effects that drugs and alcohol cause in their bodies?
  • Do they know drugs and alcohol are also affecting their loved ones?
  • Do they understand how addiction works?
  • Are they experiencing any co-occurring disorders that may be fueling their addiction?
  • Are they aware of how drugs and alcohol are damaging their careers or relationships?

Even though these questions may seem obvious, addicts may not be as aware of them as we are.

For example, an addict may not understand how the drugs they consume can affect their loved one’s health or affect their personal lives if they think they are just hurting themselves. 

In another perspective, the addict may have failed to recognize that he or she was addicted. But rather as a casual user. It may be easier for them to recognize the problem if they have a better understanding of addiction.

By educating our loved ones we empower them to have the right information and make intelligent decisions.

Having trouble finding educational resources? You can find many topics about addiction, recovery, and co-occurring disorders in our library of content.

Get Help From a Professional

If you are still wondering how to convince an addict to get help? The truth is, even if we make every effort, our loved ones may reject our advice or fail to recognize their addiction – if they aren’t guided properly, they could remain defiant for decades, if not for a lifetime. 

Additionally, addicts may be aware of the problem and desire help, but may not have the ability to gain control of their own actions, and thus fail to attend appointments or follow up with treatment providers. 

But this doesn’t mean that all hope is lost. When our best efforts fail, it’s time to call in the pros. Recovery experts may be able to help in a number of ways, primarily by having an intervention.

In substance abuse interventions, family and friends urge the addict for immediate treatment and explain how the addiction affects them. 

This strategy aims to make the addict feel compelled to seek treatment by provoking a strong emotional response.

Normally, the addict is referred to a rehab facility immediately after the intervention, so that he or she can begin treatment immediately.

How to Make Someone Go to Drug Rehab

If your loved one isn’t willing to seek help, you might be thinking about how to make someone go to drug rehab? It can be daunting, we know.

So how do you convince an addict to get help? It’s simple, talk to the pros.

Ava Recovery is a premier drug treatment center that offers interventions for those struggling with addiction.

Contact Ava Recovery today and let us help your loved ones get into rehab.

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