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Benefits of a Concierge Rehab Center

The term concierge might ring a bell and bring about thoughts of luxury and indulgence. Concierges are associated with fancy hotels, restaurants, and tailor-made services that come with the luxurious benefit of a dedicated person to meet all of your needs.

 But what exactly does that have to do with addiction care?

What’s a Concierge Rehab

A concierge drug rehab is a recovery center that offers patients an elevated degree of service and care. Much like its hospitality counterparts, the term alludes to individualized service.

Concierge rehabs tend to have a lower staff-to-patient ratio which amplifies the time and attention that each patient is able to get from the staff. Some concierge rehabs might even have a dedicated staff member or nurse for each patient.

Unlike traditional addiction treatment programs, concierge rehab centers typically offer a higher level of privacy, individualized attention, and luxury amenities.

What Are the Benefits of a Concierge Rehab

Higher Quality

With individualized attention comes a higher quality of care as recovering addicts can spend more time with their caretakers.

Through individual attention, healthcare professionals can develop treatments that take into account factors such as a person’s medical history, the severity and type of addiction, the presence of co-occurring mental health disorders, and the person’s social support system.

Concierge rehabs can also offer more intensive therapy sessions with individual therapists and smaller therapy groups which in turn offer a higher quality of care.

Furthermore, concierge programs tend to offer better quality facilities, specialized holistic treatment, and improved resources that are usually not available with traditional programs.

Care Tailored To Your Unique Needs

Fewer patients and more staff means that the addiction program can be tailored to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Each patient is evaluated to understand what are the most effective therapies and holistic treatments that they need in order to recover. 

Perhaps a patient might require specific therapy to be able to overcome certain behaviors that keep causing relapses. A different patient could require a more holistic approach to managing their anxiety, like having quality yoga or meditation sessions.

Whatever the case may be, you can count on your treatment to be as unique as the challenges you are facing.


A concierge drug rehab tends to cater to high-profile clients, which often require a higher degree of privacy. Therefore, these facilities go to extraordinary lengths to protect their client’s confidentiality.

NDAs are typically signed by staff, who often have to undergo meticulous background checks prior to accepting employment at the facility.

The facilities themselves also tend to offer a higher degree of privacy. Concierge rehabs are usually located in exclusive and secluded locations. Unlike many other rehabs, concierge facilities offer private accommodation where patients don’t share a room.

Another way in which concierge facilities offer confidentiality is by ensuring that patients are transported to the facility with the utmost secrecy. The facility usually arranges private and discrete flights and transportation.

Enrollment also often has limited space, which allows groups to stay small and maintain their low caregiver-to-patient ratio.

Longer Stays

Recovering addicts in concierge drug rehab don’t only get to enjoy more time with doctors and therapists, but they also get to enjoy more time in the program.

Most traditional programs tend to last for 30 days, but concierge programs can last at least double that amount. Thus, allowing patients to dive deeper into recovery and better prepare for their new life ahead.

Joining a Concierge Rehab

Ava Recovery is a luxury rehab located right outside of Austin, Texas. We are experts in  world-class luxury recovery experiences that include concierge recovery services.

Is a concierge rehab center right for you? 

If so, then you will want to get in contact with one of our recovery admissions specialists today!

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